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Would you like to learn more about ways to make your group training more individualized like personal training? 
Welcome To The Most Comprehensive Done For You Group Training Resource Available
G’day! I'm Steve Long, co-creator of Smart Group Training, and I'm going to keep this as short as possible, because I hate scrolling through those long repetitive sales pages that are almost always selling a product that is mostly hype. However, this resource is packed with information, so please read closely. 

The Smart Group Training System was born because we, like you, also wanted to deliver an unmatched training experience in our own facilities. As Functional Movement Screening (FMS) practitioners, we believed our group classes would only be complete if they included the regular screens and the benefits the FMS systems can provide.

So we started on a journey, in our own facilities, towards developing a training formula that we could deliver to our over 500 combined clients and that blended group personal training, Functional Movement Screening, and a variety of other components into one complete system. 

The results were astounding and Smart Group Training was born. 

Fast forward to today and we have had over 1000 fitness professionals from around the world use our Smart Group Training System. 

Smart Group Training has far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined. However, we also knew that we needed to make it even easier to implement into your training systems. 

So over the years we created several resources that sold for anywhere from $100-$400 each, all of which have a different but specific focus on ways to make your group training better. With SGT All Access, you can have all of those resources for just a fraction of the cost of their original launch price. 
Here's what's included in SGT All Access
The SGT System - our complete system documented with step by step directions on how to implement the Functional Movement Screen into your large group or semi private training programs. 

In the Smart Group Training System you get a complete blueprint for running the Smart Group Training System.

We’ve broken this whole System down into 12 distinct Modules and tons of Done-For-You Material that share everything you need to know to learn and implement the complete SGT System in a step-by-step format.
  • Module 1 - Introduction to SGT and the 5 Elements
  • ​Module 2 - Element one Explained- The Functional Movement Screen
  • ​Module 3 - Element Two Explained- Red Lighting
  • ​Module 4 - Element Three Explained- Custom Correction Exercise
  • ​Module 5 - Element Four Explained- Progression And Regression
  • ​Module 6 - Element Five Explained- Over Delivering
  • ​Module 7 - simplifying Group Screening
  • ​Module 8 - Delivering a Killer Group Session
  • ​Module 9 - The Business Of Group Training (Part-1)
  • ​Module 10 - The Business Of Group Training (Part-2)
  • ​Module 11 - Semi-Private Training Solutions
  • ​Module 12 - Addressing common Semi Private Concerns
You also get:
  • ​12 months of Smart Group Training Programs
  • ​4 Month of Customizable Semi Private Programming
  • ​Smart Group Training Poster Series(3 Corrective Posters and 1 Red light Poster)
  • ​Customizable Tissue Quality Poster
  • ​28 page Manual to help Follow Along w/The Modules
SGT 365 - is an entire year of done for you group training programming with videos for each exercise and printable templates your clients can follow.

SGT Building a Foundation - is our resource for working with people with movement issues and injury. This is also a great resource for building warmups from the ground up. 

SGT with Bells - We collaborated with kettlebell expert Pam Macelree to create a complete corrective exercise library and fitness program based on the functional movement systems using only kettlebells. 

SGT with Bands - This is another collaboration, this time with the Band Man himself Dave Schmitt. This complete corrective exercise library and fitness program based on the functional movement systems using only resistance bands. 

SGT Bodyweight - Little to no equipment? No problem. With SGT Bodyweight you can help people correct their weakest links in a group format with no equipment at all. This is a great addition to any trainer's tool box. 

The SGT Poster Series - We made it easy for our clients to reference what FMS corrective exercises they should do in classes by creating a poster series to hang in your training facility. This helps coaches easily explain the system and shows clients what they should and shouldn't be doing based on FMS results. 
With SGT All Access we have put our most impactful and popular products in one place, updated them, and tied them all together as a masterpiece of group training education.

SGT All Access will definitely make you a better group training coach, but there are many other benefits to having access to this resource such as:
  • Done for you workouts so you can save time on programming
  • A complete system to train your staff
  • ​Exercise videos you can send to your clients
  • ​A language to better communicate with other coaches, clinicians, and therapists
Also, we want to make sure this is more than just an "info product" that you buy and never use, so we have included:
  • Optional 60 minute implementation call with co-creator Steve Long
  • Unlimited email access to Steve to ensure any questions are answered
  • ​A cup of coffee or lunch with Steve if you happen to be in the St. Louis area 🙂
The 7 resources included in SGT All Access sold for a combined $1300 when they originally launched, but things have changed, and we want to get this resource out to more people for a much lower cost. So we are offering this combo package for only $200.

Yep, only $200

For the cost of a couple training sessions you can have a complete system, or at least a few more extremely effective tools in your tool box. 

Also, if you look through it and if in the first month you think it's something you won't use, we'll gladly give you your money back. 

Give it a shot, improve your group training, and become part of the SGT community by clicking below.
Again, we don't want to take your money for something you won't use, so if you check it out and within the first month think it's not for you, no hard feelings, we will get you a full refund asap. 

We are excited that you are interested in taking your group training to the next level, and can't wait to work with you! 

Steve Long
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